Parallel keys are made in various types, size and material to suit all application from the largest of heavy engines to the smallest spindle. Parallel key are manufactured as per IS : 2048 & DIN 6885. They are made from EN- 8 material in soft condition. They are made SS- 410 & SS- 316 material. We also manufacture non- standard Keys to suit customerís specific requirement. Parallel Key can also be manufactured in hard condition. Keys have a  very wide application and are used in automobile industries, Textile Industries, machine tool industries, Motor & pump Industries, Cement Industries etc. A few of them are illustrated below :  


Type A are recommended key with Both End Round.
IS : 2048 (Type A)


Type B are recommended key with Both End Square/Flat.
IS : 2048 (Type B)


Type AB are recommended key with One End Round and One End Square.


IS : 2048 (Type AB)